WHY ARE WHITE T-SHIRTS SO HARD TO FIND/I’m kinda getting into ebay

I know I posted a few days ago about dressing further outside of the box, and I stand by that, but a gal needs a good tee.

Is it so hard to design a white shirt that has sleeves that don’t flutter in the breeze like butterfly wings? Or how about a shirt that isn’t shaped like a tree? A tee in a fabric that doesn’t cause the seams to warp in a tornado-like formation after one washing? A tee that falls like a shirt and not a sheet? Are there white shirt regulations/hinderances out there that I’m unaware of? Do all my t-shirts lose their shape and get holes in them super quickly because I’m a gargoyle or are they genuinely all shitty?

While I am very fortunate to be in the position to own 6 white t-shirts, they are all riddled with holes and two wears away from the trash, after less than a year of owning them. I’m either terrible at choosing plain tees or Austin is wearing them underneath his clothes every day as a fun trick to quadruple the wear and tear.

Some say I should stop buying cheap tees because designer ones last longer. The problem is said designer tees cost as mush as a small surgery, which is totally insane for an item of clothing that no one notices. Since I’m too cheap (aka poor) to drop $100 on a plain t-shirt, but too picky/disenchanted to buy the cheap ones, I’ve taken to ebay in hopes of finding the goods at heavily discounted rates. Meaning I get three emails from ebay a day saying they have 1,405,983 new shirts in stock today, so it’s totally not a time suck.

Maybe you should check out ebay if you aren’t into it or totally forgot about it or thought it was too much work, like I did (just don’t buy the things I am trying to buy). Because it’s actually pretty simple, and it’s a great solution if you have something very specific in mind. And the acronyms! There are screamin deals, yes, potentially from black market frauds, yes, but most importantly there is the opportunity to become fluent in another language. If you missed out on pager codes (143) and still feel really left out about it, you should probably join me on ebay so we can start speaking NWT in public.

Realistically speaking, I’m still a novice and have only pulled the trigger once on a Rag&Bone t-shirt for $38, which I have yet to receive. So the jury is still out on whether it’s as chill as I’m making it out to be, but for now it stays in my good graces and I remain an up-and-coming ebay freak. I’ll report back.

If you know of the best white (or black or gray) t-shirts that won’t get holes or look like garbage bags after twenty wears then PLEASE TELL ME! And if you’re similarly clueless and feelin’ rich, some full-price designer options:

5 thoughts on “WHY ARE WHITE T-SHIRTS SO HARD TO FIND/I’m kinda getting into ebay

  1. Feel your pain. My zara t which was the perfect boxy silhouette on day 1 reached the twisted hem phase and the fabric is starting to deteriorate. I’m still on the search a new one. Any luck since this post with the ebay order?


    • Ah I know I know. The rag&bone one feels super nice but the look of it feels very running-errands-on-a-weekend. I’m currently wearing this one and I like it so far but who knows how it will be after a few washes….can’t keep me away from those cheap Ts!!!


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