Totokaelo dreamin’

If I’ve learned anything so far in 2015 it’s that lemon sorbet does not fulfill my dessert needs and it takes a shockingly small amount of time for me to go from zero to obsessed over something if it strikes the right chord.

One example is an iphone app called Mmmfingers which I’ve played with the commitment and dedication of a Central Park chess player, and another is Totokaelo, an online retailer I knew nothing about two weeks ago and have now spent many cumulative hours perusing and drooling over. It all started when Chelsea forwarded me an email promo from Totokaelo with the seemingly innocent comment “I like this email style.” And then it was all over. (You’re welcome for not saying “and it was love at first site.” Oops just did.) Plz observe the freshness below.



Toto (a lover’s nickname) has the art of minimalism down to an awe-inspiring science in their most recent set of photos which I’ve stared at for creepy lengths of time. I was actually growing a little restless with the minimalism movement until the subtlety of the styling here completely reinvigorated it for me. The Toto girl is unapologetically comfy but shape-conscious. When did black pants and a black long sleeve look so cool?


Some mental notes I’ve made so far:

  • tuck all hair into black beanie
  • sweater wrapped around waist sideways
  • all white outfit with a black sweater or vice versa
  • oversized sheer white sweater with nude bra
  • wintery outfits with sandals


The Toto girl is also unfortunately rich as fuck, which is why the website is essentially a lookbook for me. I don’t even load up an aspirational cart, which is saying a lot.

However, the reason I find the styling so genius is it doesn’t rely much on any particular piece. It’s essentially combining basics in a clever and comfy way, without losing the depth and interest that more complex items usually provide. This means us regular folk just might be able to vaguely imitate it if we stop hitting the snooze button 4 times in the morning.

Speaking of which, on Sunday Chelsea and I shot a bunch of new arrivals for Anomie and tried so hard to channel Toto. See the fruits of our precious attempt below, along with my own black and white moment this week. I wish I’d switched out my leather pants with baggy cotton ones and worn sandals instead of boots. But, ya know, outfit hindsight 20/20. :(

One thought on “Totokaelo dreamin’

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