Transition weather dream world

San Francisco’s weather is perpetually Chilly But Not Too Bad, about which I have mixed feelings. I actually live just east of the city now, but it’s essentially the same. Our coldest month (January) has an average temperature of 52 degrees, compared to our hottest month (September) which has an average of 63. That’s a whopping 11 degree difference! Everyone in NY is lol’ing. This might be one of the reasons Austin makes fun of me for asking him how cold it will be every morning as I stand in front of our coat rack, perplexed.

I’m pretty sure our year-round weather is what New Yorkers call “transition weather” and savor like a very rare and special gift. Here, I’ll make you a graph:

I regularly romanticize more extreme seasons like the ignorant Californian that I am, but even in my fantasies I know I’d miss the joy of mixing summer and winter clothing, a year-round practice I employ thanks to San Francisco’s weird weather bubble.

The trick to SF is the weather takes full advantage of what little range it has on a daily basis. Cold mornings, sunny neighborhoods, fast-moving fog, and windy evenings make dressing a bit of a puzzle. The clear solution is to dress for the coldest temperature of the day, but this presents the challenge of then carrying all my shit around everywhere. I think I might be unusually bad at this piece of the puzzle.

The upside to the layering mentality is how cooky things can get when it’s the weekend and the context of looking work-appropriate is removed.

A bit of a Look

Pants – Madewell / Denim shirt – J Crew (old) / Sweater – Urban Outfitters (old as time, also Austin’s)/ Coat – Zara / Bag – Madewell (old) / Hat – Topshop / Sunglasses – Forever21 / Birkenstocks – Amazon

This outfit took me from 45 to 65 degrees with ease, but not without its consequences. Later that day I was holding my bag, my coat, my sweater, my denim shirt, my hat, and my sunglasses. Although pretty typical, I struggled to open doors and do other normal human things without causing those around me to worry about the integrity of the items precariously clutched in my hands.

Morning load-status: do-able for now

Sunny and cold

Question: for whom are these pants long enough, Madewell? I wish there was an easy way to add two inches back on to pants. I admit I exacerbated the situation with my footwear choice, but the psychological benefits of wearing sandals with socks felt worth it.

I got this denim shirt at J Crew ages ago and it’s basically as soft as a sweatshirt which is why it passed my weekend litmus test. It also goes easily around the waist in the event that we move 5 degrees in the wrong direction. It’s SF weather science.

I got the sunglasses at Forever21 and Austin calls them my “basic bitch sunglasses” which I thank him profusely for. Speaking of which, he kept kindly urging me to stop squinting in these photos and I was like “What? I’m not squinting.”

Probably should have kept the basic bitch sunglasses on.

Clothing contradictions reaching critical mass. We’re working with sandals, socks, hats, sunglasses, sweaters, coats, button-downs, and hidden tank tops. Can’t say I’m mad though.

Whether or not it always works aesthetically or physiologically, I’ve always felt most comfortable and in my element when wearing a lot of dumb layers. In that sense it’s not so bad living in a perpetual transition weather dream world, but I’ll keep on dreaming of freezing winters and hot summers until my ungrateful little self moves away and starts to curse it.

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