Casual layering with labial undertones

If you’ve ever been called to tie a thick wool sweater around your waist you understand the excess of bulk you’re signing up for. But if, cosmos permitting, the sleeves of your sweater line up with its own pockets just so, you may be able to tuck them right in as if the sweater is almost wearing itself, thus providing the surplus of folds a higher purpose.

These pockets are great for storing hands and also spare sleeves

These pockets are great for storing hands and also spare sleeves

Dress – zara ($25 !) / sweater – urban outfitters (old as time, also Austin’s) / button-down – madewell / coat – anomie / boots – thrifted / sunglasses – forever21

The symmetry of the sweater draped elegantly around the overlapping hem of the dress is whispering female genitalia to me. Am I alone here? I’d be flattered if you agreed.

<3 wearing my femininity on my sleeve <3

I got this dress two sizes up because the actual cut of the dress, which is supposed to hug your curves, didn’t appeal to my baggy inclinations. Sizing up allows the dress to hang off my body and feel less like something Kylie Jenner would wear to her book signing.

She does look hot though

She does look hot though

On the other end up the Kylie Jenner spectrum we have the dress’ sleeves and neckline which a) scream J-Crew-mom-on-a-boating-weekend and b) were promptly covered with my black denim button-down from Madewell, J Crew’s cool little sister company (or in this case, daughter).

Hey, why not a fourth layer:

Layer count: a mere 4

Layer count: a mere 4

Chelsea and I were actually shooting this coat for Anomie the other day when I wore this dress so I just threw it on over everything else for kicks. It’s not actually mine but I thought it worked pretty well so all ethos were tossed aside.

If you’re interested in owning one prepare to sacrifice your opposable thumbs as you won’t want to remove your hands from the elastic pockets. It’s a little bit of a comfy bathrobe dream coat.

If you’re thinking I probably shouldn’t have bought this dress, I don’t blame you considering my first, second, and third instincts were to manipulate, reshape, and hide it. But if you, like me, have an affinity for layers, you also know that sometimes you just have to buy items for their base layer potential and in that vein I have #noregrets.

Happy as a clam (wink wink wink)

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