Tipping the scales into dude territory

Sometimes you wake up and can’t imagine putting a single form-fitting item of clothing on your body and sometimes it’s on a day you have to go to your place of work. A place that requires you to appear marginally professional and not like you’re embarking on a Breaking Bad marathon (or worse, a Pretty Little Liars binge). When this happens, might I suggest you grab your softest pants, your chunkiest boots, your comfiest turtleneck, your coziest beanie, and an uplifting sweater?

A _______ gr8 idea

 pants – zara / turtle – gap / sweater – & other stories / beanie – asos / boots – asos / coat – reformation

No promises you won’t be mistaken for your brother, but the boyish vibe is all in service of comfort and feeling kinda cool.

I found these pants at Zara in a dizzying moment of defiance as I’m currently on a self-imposed Zara-ban. But I only went in for ten minutes and I only got these! And two fur coats. It’s fine.

Pants ledger:
-1 for purchasing during ban
+1 for sweatpants-like material
+1 for draw string
-1 for not zipping off at the knee

The sweater I found at a store called “& Other Stories” in New York last week. It fits a lot like a crewneck sweatshirt and features a collection of letters that didn’t annoy me so it gets an A+.


Speaking of which, I bought another white tee from there because I’m a freak for a cheap tee and need a house elf a la Dobby to selflessly follow me around and stop me from buying them.

I like it so far but reward it zero points until it lasts ten washes. The boots, however, get extra credit for getting me through the NY weather and making me feel like a gal in a babysitters club.

Baby platform and all

I may have gone a hair past “boyish vibe” into dude territory today, but that’s why I brought in the big guns in the form of a giant-lapeled teddy bear coat.

Potentially still looking like a dude. I need to take a page out of the Sincerely Jules book, she always kills a boyish moment.

Yes x 100

praise-hand-emojiMaybe next time.

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