Nine things I learned in New York last week

Last week Chelsea and I flew to New York for Market Week to find some new brands to carry at Anomie and what ensued were five days of frozen fingers, emoji-style hearts in our eyes, sore feet, and, randomly, pasta. Like five times. I learned a lot.

Have u heard of taking a photo in a mirror

Cool idea: take a photo in a mirror

Lesson #1. Toilets aren’t vanities.

A lack of counter space meant we embarked on the russian roulette that is storing beauty items on the back of the toilet. Unfortunately our daily nervous chuckles were validated one night when my favorite (only) concealer brush slipped out of my hand and plopped right into the bowl. I hurriedly retrieved it with my bare hands under the influence of the insane notion that it was worth saving. I even proceeded to wash it off before Chelsea a) asked if my coherency was intact and b) told me I needed to throw it out immediately.

Don’t know why, there’s nothing like covering up your spots with urine-dappled concealer.

Bye bye bb

Bye bye bb

Lesson #2. Bagels every morning = bad idea.

Comparing New York bagels to San Francisco bagels is like comparing a fudgesicle to actual human feces. What, too strong???

That said, even new york bagel consumption past a certain point presents diminishing returns and we surpassed that point with flying colors. Put two uncreative eaters in an airbnb a block away from a really good new york bagel place and you’re gonna get a bagel blowout. Every. Single. Morning. You know what doesn’t make you feel energized to walk 11 miles around a tradeshow? 100 million grams of processed carbs.

Chelsea's tenth bagel

Chelsea’s tenth bagel

Lesson #3. Wholesale prices are a big old tease.

Imagine a stadium filled with piles of coats and boots and rings that aren’t yet available to the general public and are all 60% off. Mmmmhm. Welcome to a tradeshow and you can’t have any of it. The ultimate tease.

Luckily we picked out some gems for Anomie which we’ll receive in 6 months when we’ve forgotten all about everything we ordered.

Lesson #4.  Confidence so hot right now.

Attending tradeshows in New York means getting to see the founders, owners, and buyers of some of the coolest retail stores out there. The people-watching game was on levels I didn’t know existed.


I could have sat in this central area and just stared straight ahead for hours without a single dip in my full attention. But watching it in real-time means you get to see all the behind-the-scenes fussing and self-consciousness you assume isn’t there when you see recaps later through beautifully-timed photos.

No shade on the fussers (I can be a fusser), but there was a certain standout coolness to the very few who weren’t messing with their look once they’d chosen it. They weren’t checking and tugging and adjusting, they were just owning it.

May we all be able to find a similar chill. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Lesson #5. I’ve got a special eye.

For reasons I’ll never quite comprehend, I saw this wall and thought it would be a great backdrop for outfit photos.

No seriously. We weren’t even looking for a spot to take them but when I saw this wall I was inspired to stop. A couple days later when we looked through the photos we lost it. Of all the gorgeous buildings and backdrops that New York City has to offer, I picked a black garage door that looks like 300 birds literally shit all over it. So pretty.

Jeans, boots, scarf – zara / sweater – urban outfitters / coat – woolrich, thrifted / beanie – chelsea’s, not sure

Jeans – rag & bone / coat – gap / hat – h&m / scarf – cotton sheep / boots – doc marten / bag – claire vivier



Lesson #6. Hands actually don’t work in the cold.

I’ve never experienced temperatures as low as the ones we had last week and thus was unaware of the uselessness of fingers when it’s under 15 degrees. It was actually impossible to use our phones outside at times, which made for some scary face-the-music moments for me re: my reliance on my iphone.

Additionally, when the ground is covered in snow and mud, a switch is flipped in my brain and the nerves in my hands decide to periodically self-destruct, thus forcing all items clutched in my grasp to drop.

I’ll take my burger to-go plz

Lesson #7. I still love the subway.

I’m totally unabashedly obsessed with the subway and don’t truly feel like I’m in New York until I smell urine and hear that robot’s nasal-y voice say the word “track” over the loud speaker in that special way I love.

the manhattan-bound *trAck*

the manhattan-bound *trAck*

Happy place / coldest I've ever been in my life

Happy place / coldest I’ve ever been in my life

Lesson #8. It’s better to watch the Oscars with a dog.

We had the honor of attending our friend Carlye’s insane Oscars party (you can read about it here) while we were in New York.

The snacks and company were top notch (not to mention her apartment which I nearly fainted over), but you know when you’re watching the Oscars and the dresses are really pretty and the people are really famous and you start to think a little bit too much about mortality and how weird society is? Get a dog. A dog can fix all of that.

Lap dog

Lap dog

Lesson #9. Project Runway contestants, I bow down to you.

Before we caught our flight back to SF we walked ten frigid blocks to see Mood. Guys you never would have guessed it but there are a lot of fabric options there.

I’m famous (among 4-6 of people) for being indecisive. I can’t even decide between the regular hot dog or the polish dog at Costco (seriously though which is better? tell me), let alone choose which black lace is the best among 43 black lace options.

I left New York with a newfound respect for the Project Runway contestants as well as a newfound respect for Swatch.


Until next time.

7 thoughts on “Nine things I learned in New York last week

  1. loling. i was captivated and then i was like wait i was there i know what happened next. got anxious and panicked around #7 because it meant there were only 2 left to read.


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