I want to do fringe like Chiara Ferragni

Maybe you like bandanas, maybe you don’t. But while we’re on the topic of western-wear, can we quickly discuss fringe and how poetic it looks dangling off of Chiara Ferragni’s tiny toy model body?

OF COURSE WE CAN (orig post on her blog)

In case you aren’t familiar, Ferragni is an Italian blogger, model, and fashion designer who probably just blindly jumps into a pile of her perfect clothes to get dressed every morning and then accidentally looks better than everyone else. Her blog-turned-business The Blonde Salad has been so successful she inspired Harvard’s very first blogger case study which explores how people monetize their blogs. Spoiler alert: she pulls in around 8 million a year. Same, same.

More importantly, she’s been on #thatfringetip long before us mortals and isn’t being too subtle nor coachella about it.

Excaaaaayoose me? If you had the opportunity to get your paws on this beautiful pile of yarn would you pair it with a denim skirt, pink glitter sandals, and a barbie-sized purse for your tiny collectibles? Unless you’re Chiara, probably not. I’d more likely wear it with skinny jeans and black boots like the miserable serf I am. Which is why she’s a special unique angel queen and I dropped my apple core on the bus ride home tonight and chased it down the aisle with my coat dragging on the ground.

And listen – if you’re not as ready for a mint and poppy sweater’s interpretation of a coral reef as Chiara but still want to resemble a tassel tree clomping around in sparkly gladiators, go find a little suede number as pictured below and ride your metaphorical pony into the sunset while I watch you with hearts in my pleb eyes.

Stop looking so cool Chiara!!!!! K but don’t.

If I walked by a girl causally draped upon some sort of roof sculpture as above and I was my cat I would literally stop in my tracks and play with her sweater for hours.

(Speaking of Bug, he just jumped on my keyboard and turned on some voice over function I didn’t know existed and created a folder called “,,,,,,,,,,,,,” within a span of 5 seconds.)

The challenge, in my view, with tassel-ridden clothing is making them feel more modern and cool and less 17-year-old-at-her-first-music-festival. A few pokes around the internet bring up droves of the latter with sprinkles of the former…it was a bit of a treasure hunt finding fringe on the Chiara spectrum but nicer fabrics that had some structure got me in the right direction.

If I raked in 8 mil a year from this blog (~LOL~) here’s what I would be loading up in my cart right now to please my inner tassel-loving cat spirit (and prob my real cat too).

Apologies in advance for the $$$ classy fringe requires.


Who is sick of the word fringe?


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