Canadian Casual

If a Canadian Tuxedo is defined as an outfit consisting of a denim jacket and denim jeans, I’m going to call this Canadian Casual.

Do I look like I’m about to go make love in a canoe? Would be ideal if yes.


 jeans – asos / turtle – gap / button-down – topshop (old) / jacket – forever21 (old) / shoes – thrifted / beanie – asos / backpack – need supply / watch – casio

Possibly (but not certainly) unrelated to Canada is the fact that I felt extra youthful in this getup, like it was my first day of school and mom was making me take photos in front of the tree out front. Perhaps it was the backpack but whatever the reason, I found this disposition favorable.

Speaking of my bag, you should take a gander at if you’re in the market for one. I get stopped on the streets all the time by people asking about it and they always think it costs about 5 times as much as it did.

Canada. School. Trees. Backpacks. I don’t know about you but all of these things are pretty good for my spirit.

p.s. resemblance to smurf fully appreciated

Even better for my spirit is….[broken record noises]….my turtleneckkkkkk!

I know. I know. I’m definitely In A Phase with turtles, as has been startlingly catalogued on this blog, but I continue to not get enough. They are cotton’s interpretation of armor, both physically and emotionally, and I’m never more pleased than when I can successfully slip one under my chosen outfit as a base coat. Although this demands that my shell (heh) layers skew baggier to accommodate the extra material, this is where fupa-ready mom jeans come in handy. I mean it really just gets better and better (emotionally for sure; aesthetically in the eye of the beholder).

By the way, I’m not even a huge fan of these Gap turtles specifically, so my high wear-counts speak volumes about my love for them conceptually.

Since this flavor of Canadian Casual felt pretty simple and formulaic, I hunted around for some basic ingredients (some that I suspect are better than the ones I’m wearing) in case you feel called to join me on this northbound academic  journey.

…..and voila!

See you at school!


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