French tears

Guys have you heard that french women never overeat, are born trilingual, don’t require sleep, cry tears in chanel no 5, laugh in the face of death, and wear navy blue as a neutral? I’m not keeping score but these seem like pretty useful traits. Which brings me to this really new and interesting idea I had. Maybe everyone should try to be more french. Don’t know about you but I’m tired of m&m stomach aches, contemplating mortality, and crying saltwater tears of fatigue every evening as I peel off my drab American Apparel t-shirts.

In an attempt to combat my nationality this morning I stole Austin’s navy blue sweater and did what the french do: paired it with some timeless neutrals. Black leather pants and a white bandana. Sooo classic.


Hmm..needs more stripes..

  sweater – austin’s, banana republic (old) / pants – zara (old) / shoes – bensimon / bandana / coat – zara (old)

I know I missed the mark, though, as this outfit didn’t stifle my hunger nor my fear of fatal illness.


I wore coated (aka fake) leather skinny pants so much in 2013 and 2014 that I’ve left them for dead in the back of my drawer. However, I felt called to clash this sweater with black and both of my black Madewell jeans turned into trash piles after ten washes, so I was left with no choice.

I’m still not a huge fan. If I bought any more I’d definitely go for a looser fit a la Anine Bing‘s:

V cool. Only $999!

My coat is old and fake-leather as well (at least I’m consistent). I guess I don’t have as much black clothing any more. My soul is in remission.


Prob checking on my rat’s nest (I grow one every day at the nape of my neck)

Speaking of consistency, I wasn’t lying about the frequency with which I’ve been galloping around with a bandana around my neck. I wore one yesterday as well and I have a selfie as proof.

Literally took this in a bathroom #classicmove

Hey! Stripes! Literally took this in a bathroom #classic #french

Austin always insists on doing close-ups after taking photos of my outfits regardless of my increasingly waining cooperation. He calls them “money shots.” I think the sense of ease and comfort that washes over me when I’m in front of the camera is really communicated here.

Also, do you think if I keep growing my hair I’ll turn into an Afghan Hound?

All I need is some 90’s dark brown lipstick and a beige fur coat and I’d be halfway there. Noted for next week……

And finally, a rare photo of me galloping right on out of the frame.


Bye bye


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