Woke up feeling beige

I’ll admit I’ve felt a little uninspired lately; perhaps I’m channeling too much passion towards my new cat Bug. Unfortunately my wardrobe doesn’t cuddle me back when I pay attention to it so it’s a battle hard fought to feel half-decent these days.


Can you blame me…..

However, when three women tell me I look comfy within the first hour of work, I have no choice but to throw my insecurities to the wind. Noted comfiness is in many ways my ultimate compliment.


Look ma, no hands

 jeans – asos / sweater – zara (old) / scarf – zara (old) / shoes – asos /

hat – asos (old) / watch – casio

This outfit didn’t came together by way of a creative vision as much as a chain reaction of my emotional/physiological needs (I blame week 4!). My first thought was that I wanted to wear my new shoes from Asos and the second was that I needed to wear cropped jeans to show them off. After that, any intentionality bascially tapered off.


My third thought was disdain for the pounding in my head and the sleep eagerly waiting to overtake my eyes (sorry, sleep, you’re going to have to wait approximately 16 more hours). Of course my fatigue informed my sweater – the largest one I have in my closet, no contest. And my final thought came as I surveyed my locks in the mirror and concluded they resembled a janitor’s mop. The old hat was brought in to cover my messy scalp and the silk scarf to disguise (and ultimately exacerbate) the rat’s nest subtly forming at the nape of my neck.

Thus, my tired woman’s guide to dressing in San Francisco: the only place where it’s appropriate to wear a sweater, scarf, and hat with summer sandals.

I call this a beige blowout, which reminds me of something I mentioned in my very first blog post on The Similarish.

Screw a skinny jean. Or don’t screw a skinny jean but at least pair it with a weird sandal and a grossly oversized button-down, all in the exact same shade of beige.

Hey! I’m almost there and I’m not even wearing skinny jeans.

Not sure I’d call these sandals weird, but they certainly tickle my fancy. Bonus: the heels of them are white which is pretty #fresh. And they also come in pseudo snake-skin.

Shifting our graze north to my stony-eyed expression: can you tell I’ve sacrificed many consecutive nights of sleep in favor of petting my purring kitten out of a desperate fear that he won’t love me if I don’t?


Because I can. And while we’re on the topic of my face: a formal presentation of my first official wrinkle, which is smack dab in the middle of my eye brows a la Harry Potter’s lightening bolt scar (which I’ll remind you was ultimately a symbol of love and bravery).

Hope you like it as much as I do!



10 thoughts on “Woke up feeling beige

  1. you and Austin got a persian cat???? And started a famous instagram account for him????
    I still remember that video you did with chelsea where you presented your fumihana1 book and I’d like to formally thank you for suggesting all the animal accounts to follow. can’t wait to see bug on the reg.


    • Hahahaha YES! Well we started an account for him, not sure I’d call it famous. I’m glad you found some good accounts but honestly I’m haunted by all the accounts I left out when we made that video. THERE ARE SO MANY!!!! neville_roundbottom?! Like are you kidding me? Ugh I love flat-faced animals. <3 poor fumihana <3
      I'm glad bug has a new followerrrrr :*


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