Pardon my flare up

Guys. I felt so much like a tex mex restaurant hostess yesterday I almost couldn’t authentically carry on with my normal line of work.


hola, can i interest you in some grilled chicken fajitas?

jeans – madewell / shirt – zara / shoes – tibi / bandana – thrifted (prob the same) / watch – casio 

I remember boldly proclaiming in 5th grade that I’d *never* be caught dead in flared jeans. Cut to freshman year of high school and I was scraping together Baskin Robbins paychecks for my next pair. This cycle has repeated itself quite enough since then; I knew better than to shun their return this time. Definition of insanity, etc etc.

I wasn’t sure if I was quite ready yet, but when I found these babies at Madewell the other day I felt a womanly obligation to take the plunge and wear them proudly. After all, my mother would remind you that higher-rise non-tapered pants are kinder to the female form. You know, if we cared about that kind of thing.

I thought I’d have to wait to have them altered before I could wear them, a delay my significant other wished would prove indefinite, but the number of problems 4-inch heels can solve (and simultaneously cause) is seriously impressive. Sorry Austin! :*


I actually have no clue if this is the correct length. BUT WHAT DOES CORRECT EVEN MEAN AM I RIGHT LADIES? That said, the frequency with which they wiped across various bathroom floors indicates they probably need at least a little something.

While we’re on the palatable topic of pee-splattered tiles, how about a sexy sneak peek underneath…..


Try to resist

It’s always a good sign when Austin is unable to take these photos without laughing.

I borrowed these socks from Kelsey a couple weeks ago and loved them so much she gave them to me. Thank u Kelsey – do u approve of my styling choice here? Please note I still haven’t shaved and will be attending Coachella this weekend with 1 pair of fuzzy lady legs.

To combat our blustery/unliveable 60-degree weather, I grabbed this weird little canvas bomber.

I found this puppy at a thrift store a couple years ago and it’s recently been freed from the coat graveyard that is my hall closet and given its own shiny spot on my living room clothing rack. An ambitious transition in my household. You can’t tell here but the collar is brown corduroy which gives it an extra groovy vibe. I was nothing if not committed to this 70’s tex mex look.

I’ll admit I didn’t completely feel like myself yesterday, but I wasn’t opposed to the departure. Myself can be the worst sometimes anyway.

p.s. check out Anna (of See Jane) in the same pants here. She’s a little less fajita, a little more class.

p.s.s. I’ve been in a denim mood lately, which is very unique and different from everyone else. A more tame expression of that below. Featuring a comfy costume fit for a gal with period cramps sucking the joy out of her heart/soul.

jeans – ag stilt / shirt – american apparal / jacket – thrifted Levi’s (austin’s) / boots – zara / lipstick – wet n wild cherry picking / hair – no sleep due to purring cat

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