Baby’s first pinafore

Things one could do in a roomy denim pinafore:

  • Bike along a bay
  • Collect eggs from a chicken coop
  • Hail a cab
  • Ponder eternity
  • Do a deep dive on a stranger’s instagram
  • Negotiate a higher salary
  • Wave to the neighbors
  • Flip off a disrepectful man on the side walk
  • Overeat
  • Frolic in a meadow
  • Start a revolution?

dress – gap (maybe in stores but not online) (similar) / shirt – gap (old) / boots – thrifted, unsure / jacket – thrifted, unsure / most unhelpful list of products ever – me

I did a handful of the less noble ones in this particular roomy denim pinafore. As it happens, they’re surprisingly versatile (emotionally, at least). I couldn’t really grab onto a character when I wore it – I felt multi-faceted! Like a real woman. #feminism

All the above considered, I didn’t even know I needed a pinafore (can’t use that word enough) until I found this little treasure at Gap the other day. For how little I actually visit Gap, my success rate there is surprisingly high.

Below the knee isn’t normally the optimum length for my leg proportions, but witch boots and invisible heels are a dreamy problem-abating combination. I’ve told you this before!

Magic calf-slimming foam or artistic door stop?

Magic calf-slimming foam or artistic door stop?

Oh, and remember when I said this jacket had made the ambitious journey from my hall closet to my clothing rack due to its increased potential in response to the 70’s trend?

It’s become somewhat of a mainstay. Who knew an old canvas jacket from the men’s section of a thrift store that I bought for a ski trip 3 years ago would become the dark horse of my 2015 wardrobe?

I know there is something gross, by the way, about the concept of trends. But somehow they seep into my pores until my trend-following desires feel grass-roots and organic instead of those of a zombie who blindly follows her amoeba of peers. How does the industry do this so seamlessly? Ugh, consumerism am I right?

At least it keeps things interesting.

Ready for action. Or inaction. Or various levels in-between.


7 thoughts on “Baby’s first pinafore

  1. Love your plain, chic style!
    I just posted a denim jumpsuit that i made a few weeks ago that looks quiet similar, would love to hear your opinion on my designs!

    Lovely regards, Maria


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