I’m taking this shirt to my grave

The moment I realized I could tie a bandana around my gullet in a particular way and then tuck tuck tuck right into my button-down so as to convey to the world I am wearing [something resembling] a paisley turtleneck, I was in the bathroom at work and probably breathing heavily. I’m pretty sure droves of chic European women having been doing this forever with their scarves but it kind of felt like a revelation to me. So I began calculating all the necessary factorials to determine how many variations of this combo I had in store for me back home in my closet. 9 button-downs…7 bandanas…..I totally remember what factorials are. Completely. Here is one such combo: This button-down has kind of become a joke in our house because every time I wear it I say to Austin: “Oh we have to photograph this today! I love this shirt!” and then we run out of time or I can’t properly iron it or I spill something down the front. It became something of an omen. This thing was never making it on the blog. But behold:

It finally happened!!!

button-down – & other stories / jeans – asos / scarf – thrifted, unsure / shoes – zara / coat – reformation / watch – casio

It really is the best button-down I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. I found it in New York in February and have been known to wear it four days in a row at a time. If you dress like me at all and have been wanting something like this then whyyyyyyy are you still reading this?

Buy itttttttt

Buy it! No pressure. BUY IT.

And what’s a draped-out-lazy-woman’s outfit without a teddy bear coat?

Scheming from the safety of my layers

The hilarious (not hilarious) thing about the day we were finally able to photograph the dream shirt is I was feeling pretty uninspired as to what to pair it with. So I took to my age-old adage (that I’m literally making up right now): when in doubt, a cropped flare.

Really the same goes for the loafers. I couldn’t be bothered to even bend down to the lower shelves for my boots because my back’s been giving me trouble. Such a grandma line. I’m literally wearing a back brace today. Let me know if you want me to link you to some chic brace options. Nothing like a massive elastic waistband to compliment a waist line!

I’m actually kind of serious. I feel so KimK right now, if only you could see my brace under my layers. #pickupline

Anyway, TTFN. Go buy that button-down! &OtherStories should hire me.

6 thoughts on “I’m taking this shirt to my grave

  1. haley – back problems? come to our podiatry clinic. we can probably help you with that or at least tell you where to start


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