Little armored one

I’ll admit the excess of material this Zara sweater affords can cause operational difficulties. I’d like to call your attention particularly to the sleeves.

sweater – zara / sweater tank – asos / t-shirt – gap / jeans – gap (similarish) / boots – zara (similarish) / backpack – need supply (similarish) / beanie – asos / watch – casio 

Do they or do they not resemble the voluptuous layers of an armadillo’s back?

Hot new trend alert

Luckily I find this more endearing than irritating. Especially since my research (google) tells me armadillo is spanish for “little armored one,” which I’d accept wholeheartedly as a moniker if I were remotely cool or bad ass enough. (Considering I’m currently eating a microwavable dinner called “spicy enchilada bake” on my couch, signs point to no.)

Anyway, it’s a lot of fabric to work with, yes, but all in service of a greater good.

In fact, my pregnant colleague and I got caught up in conversation today about what clothing does and doesn’t effectively hide a growing belly and I was honored to be her Exhibit A.

By the way, if you see a turtleneck peeking out of my sweater you’ve spotted my under-sweater. It has a tail too.


This sweater requires a t-shirt underneath it for work due to it’s gigantic arm holes and my not being employed by Girls Gone Wild. Also it’s comfier this way. Which I suppose was somewhat of a common element today. This week. This month.

I’ve been gravitating towards roomier, more lounge-worthy outfits lately, perhaps as a subconscious response to a more-hectic-than-usual work schedule. Or as a physical response to too many spicy enchilada bakes. Either way, I’m ready to mix it up a bit and I happen to have just hand-washed my sequin tank-top, so consider this a warning.

Until things get more exciting over here,  treat yourself to this video of Miley Cyrus genuinely cry-singing a well-written ballad about her deceased pet fish and please allow it to set the tone for the lovely evening ahead of you.

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