So fresh and so clean (until curry)

Am I a fresh summer daisy in head-to-toe white or a human drop cloth to all that is dirty in this world? A paradoxical yes to both, I think.

pants – j crew  / button-down – everlane / shoes – zara (old) / watch – casio

The first time I wore this shirt I spilled a bowl of curry down the front of it because evidently I have claws for hands. I was so stunned the stain disappeared in a single wash cycle I swore to the sartorial gods that I’d be more careful. The logic does not follow, then, that I’d gallivant out of the house today without a stitch of dark clothing to carry the burden of said claws. But I did!

Because really there’s nothing like a brand new pair of white jeans and a marginally sunny June day to make a gal want to indulge in a fashion cliché and just live a little.

I promise to avoid all the curries in the world.

All White Everything Is So Fresh In The Summer Have You Heard?

The pants though. I’m still trying to decide if they’re good-weird or bad-weird on me. But my old white skinny jeans are about four inches short of reaching my ankles (or satisfying me) and Leandra Medine says these ones “put the cool in culotte” so I’m starting from a solid foundation of man-repelling and am willing to give them a shot.

This simple pairing is no revelation. In fact I relinquish all credit to these ladies, who were my sole inspiration for the above. I’m still figuring out how to style these babies within my normal realm of understanding.

That is, the realm of armadillo sleeves, comfy layers, and cotton armor. I should take some notes from the queens:

It’s enough to make a heart go pitter patter. And most importantly I’m seeing plenty of folds to conceal a curry stain. There’s clearly more to tackle on the all-white front, but it’s only June 2nd so we have time.


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