Art, am I right?

Yesterday I found myself staring starry-eyed at a painting in the Oakland Museum of California.

A museum, you ask? Why yes! And I didn’t randomly google “things to do in Oakland” on my phone while waiting in line for coffee, find a list curated by some dude in 2011, look up OMCA on google maps, somewhat begrudgingly pay $15 to get in, and waste 5 minutes strategizing with Austin on our loop approach given it closed in an hour forty-five. No no. Culture just finds me. My delicate little eyelashes merely flutter awake and there it is: exquisite art.

"1957 Ford" by Robert Bechtle

“1957 Ford” by Robert Bechtle

This particular time is was 1957 Ford. An oil painting on canvas by Robert Bechtle. Isn’t it beautiful? It really is, and even more-so in person. I cherished it so much I took a blurry photo on my phone and made it my wallpaper. A true modern act of love and respect.

All of this to say: the painting’s simple blocky feel, bright whites and muted blues and greens has infiltrated my purview (it really is my phone’s wallpaper) and this morning as I got dressed I was drawn to the same palette.


jeans – gap (diff wash) / button-down – j crew (old) / jacket – urban outfitters (old) / hat – top shop (old) / high-tops – vans (madewell)

Are boyfriend jeans paired with high-tops a one-way ticket to Stalkytown USA? I’ve thrown proportion to the wind with these babies and wear them with everything now.

*Broken record sound* Buy your boyfriend jeans in a thicker, sturdier denim, do the Lyons double-cuff, cut holes in the knees, and never wash them. I can’t stress these tips enough. */broken record sound.*

Another repeat player for me is this felt baseball hat (#sportspuns). Whenever I find a hat large enough to [vaguely] fit my Neanderthal-proportioned head I find within myself a deep sense of loyalty and gratitude.

“You’re head can’t be that big!” I promise it is. Here I am, pictured adjusting my hat after it shimmied off my oversized skull:

So…I must ask, is ~art~ inspiring your look? Are you a life-long learner constantly seeking culture like myself?! Do you wake up in museums too?

Alternatively, please do contact me if you’d like to critique Jurassic World together. I have thoughts.

14 thoughts on “Art, am I right?

    • Don’t fall for it! I just photoshop it to be half its actual size in photos. Also thank you! The green on green was kind of the only thing that made this outfit not a total snooze, so I’m glad someone appreciated it!


  1. love the outfit! i’m so into sneakers and snapbacks right now it’s not even funny. and i’m into art (i’m a design major so you sorta have be haha) and i do agree that piece is great! do you read the jealous curator’s blog? i love her blog (and her podcast!) i haven’t seen jurassic world but the reviews i’ve been seeing don’t surprise me at all (they’re mostly bad….) i really love your writing style by the way, it’s so funny! great post <3


    • Validation from a real life art major was all I needed!!!
      I’ve heard of the jealous curator, it sounds so familiar…..but it’s not on my reader. I’ll def check it out!
      Jurassic world was bonkers but the character development was pretty lame. It didn’t try to upset the paradigm at all which always bugs me a little bit. That said, definitely worth seeing for the absurdity of it. I thoroughly enjoyed it from an entertainment standpoint. If you ever see it tell me what you think!
      And thanks for being super nice about the blog, by the way!

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      • yes the jealous curator is great! she posts works in the same vein as the one you posted and i’m pretty sure she only posts about living artists, she also published some books if you wanna check those out! i also just watched jurassic world and i completely agree with you. i didn’t expect much so nothing surprised me but the dinosaurs were obviously the most entertaining part about the movie. everything else was lackluster and screamed typical blockbuster movie, though the thing the annoyed me the most was how they painted the aunt’s character ugh. and you’re welcome, you deserve it!


      • Just checked out the jealous curator. Love her, it’s getting added to my reader! Thanks for the rec!

        And yes wasn’t she such a ridiculous character?! On the one hand it seems absurd to so vehemently call out JW when nearly every movie suffers these shortcomings, but I guess the timing was right (wrong) on this one. I’m so glad to hear you’re on the same page.

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  2. That painting reminds me so much of Hitchcock’s film Vertigo (which takes place in San Fran!). If you’ve never seen it, you and Austin should give it a watch, or revisit it! Such a good movie. Lots of greens and blues and icy blondes and plot twists. Loving your hair too, you should do a tutorial soon :)


    • Ahhh I went through such a Hitchcock phase with my dad when I was a kid…I’m so happy you said that because I should totally rewatch all that stuff. I wonder if any of the stories will piss me off or please me from a feminist standpoint. I will def watch Vertigo! The colors in the painting do remind me of SF so I suppose it’s fitting.
      Thanks re: my hair! I will consider doing a hair post. Although I don’t do much with it I do spend a lot of time complaining and thinking about it like the evolved soul that I am.


    • Do you we need to talk about the main women running from a dinosaurs in 4-inch heels for literally hours on end???! COME. ON.

      I actually liked the movie for its pure insanity and entertainment value. But, as I’ve said on this blog before, I get frustrated when people have a huge audience, and therefore the attention of millions of people, and choose not to upset the paradigm at all. Especially when they could have made VERY EASY little changes to the casting and script that could hugely help with representation and not affect the narrative much.

      Why not make the kids black? Or have them be sisters instead of brothers? Why not make Chris Pratt’s character, the hero, be more flawed? Why not have the main scientist be a woman? Or the controller who stays back be a woman? Or latina? Or so many other things! I feel like there was some low-hanging fruit here that the producers could have grabbed to make the movie more progressive, even in the tiniest of wasy, they just didn’t do. And it frustrates me.

      I love how Mad Max had Eve Ensler on the team as a feminist consultant. This should happen for every movie and for causes other than just feminism. So many movie just cling on to the easy cliches. It’s just not interesting to me. The world doesn’t need more of those characters. This is why I fucking love Orange is the New Black.

      Other than that, it was a fun movie to watch. Maybe I should do a whole post on this. Longest comment ever!


      • god, I agree so much! I even found it hard to enjoy because I just kept getting angry. I was thinking about making an offer to my boyfriend to move away from him, because I kept talking shit all through the movie. of course my hopes were too high, because I love the original one so much, but still, couldn’t they at least make ONE of the siblings a girl or something?! it is exactly all these missed opportunities that are so hard to stomach (and the frightening feeling that maybe we are not moving forward, when the 20 year old original is more progressive than the 2015 remake). plus the fashion was better, this outfit would totally work in the original JP, now that I think of it!


      • We are 100% on the same page! Thanks for helping me realize I wanted to do a whole post about this. I just posted one this morning!
        And also I’m so much more excited about that outfit now that you’ve provided this JP angle. Fuck, that would have been a superior theme!


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