Throwing caution to the wind this fall

The Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear shows cast such a wide net of stylistic influence this past March they sparked reverberating chatter about the death of The Trend. It’s undeniable: we live in an era of personal style.

Although a lack of clear direction in some cases might spell stagnation, that is never the case with art and fashion where eclecticism indicates not confusion but alluring room for interpretation. The inspiration gleaned from the collections will vary vastly across individuals, which I think only stands to make things more interesting.

If you care to take a peek through my lens, here are three FW15 moments I’m dreaming of.

Warning:  If you’re reading this from the inside of a novelty inflatable pool toy with a glass of rosé in your hand I urge you to abandon this post immediately lest I murder your summer chill.

First up, Rosie Assoulin’s playful interpretation of day-to-night.

Rosie Assoulin FW15

Rosie Assoulin FW15

When Assoulin pairs fresh white sneakers and slouchy cigarette pants with a dramatic strapless peplum in a heavy material normally reserved for evening-wear, she makes it seem so painfully obvious. Why do I need 37 layers to make a statement when Rosie needs two?

Begging us to toss our rules to the side, Assoulin presents a charming alternative to “appropriate” outfit pairings and it’s making me see my closet with new eyes.

Derek Lam’s glorious granny look does the same but with decidedly less restraint.

Derek Lam 10 Crosby FW15

Derek Lam 10 Crosby FW15

Maybe we’ve been heretofore donning our checked and grid-laden skirts, blouses, and coats on separate occasions, but the above ensemble begs the question of why and shuns our smug notions of minimalism. According to Lam, not only should we be wearing them all at once, but we should be grabbing our granniest of floral scarves and our tallest of velvet boots to seal the deal. Power-clashing at its finest.

He is not only giving us permission to dress our bodies with our eyes closed, he’s telling us we might actually be cooler for it. And who isn’t here for that?

Dries Van Noten sings a similar norm-challenging tune.

Dries Van Noten FW15

Dries Van Noten FW15

It’s admirable to marry uptown opulence and downtown cool in a single look, but I’d argue the marriage of sequins and cargo shorts much more extraordinary a feat. Van Noten easily does both by inviting us into the closets of sorority girls and frat boys simultaneously without the slightest sacrifice of our dignity. Kind of genius.

Maybe the tall, pointed ankle boots in a neutral suede are the unsung heroes here. They’re the perfect slimming counterpart to a roomy pair of pants lopped off mid-calf underneath not one but two floral blouses. Adding these to the list.

Does anyone else remember hoarding long $3 tank tops in a rainbow of colors as a bottom-layer mainstay?  Replace those with baggier patterned shirts of varying lengths worn all at once and we’re back in business, at least according to Van Noten.

My historical inclination towards neutrals means I’m sorely lacking in ornamental under-layers, but thank dog I now have a reason to wear my sole sequined garment in everyday life.

Creative freedom and corporal comfort are FW15 takeaways I’m clearly a little over-eager to support. But hey, there’s no better time to give our legs some breathing room and make use of our whole closet with little to no regard for the occasion. The designers said we could!

4 thoughts on “Throwing caution to the wind this fall

  1. Love this. Van Noten is perfect, but I agree that those shoes are the real winners. The slimming appearance balances out the rest really well. I’d love to find shoes that fit so snugly on my teeny mutant ankles.
    Out of curiosity, what do you do for a living? Mostly I’m wondering because I have just been told for the first day of law school I have to dress “business casual” and it’s thrown me for a loop (how dare they stifle my baggy boy jeans on the very first day? How will fellow students know that I dress like a refined hobo otherwise?). I knew I eventually would have to get very dressed up, but didn’t expect it on the first day. Torn between making a stylistic statement and just wearing regular lame clothes.


    • Hey Mercedes! I work at a design company that has zero dress requirements, so I’m afraid I don’t have personal anecdotes to share re: dressing nicely for work. Business casual is the worst for me. I just prefer casual. But some people like to dress up and they look super good doing it! For women the bus-cas (caj?) spectrum is much broader than it is for men, so you’ll have a little more freedom of expression.

      Pencil skirts are an easy catch-all, but pants are getting so cool these days I’d go for those if I were you. Ripped jeans aren’t that hot anymore anyway. Unconventional pants in nicer materials are abound and I think that totally fits the bus-caj rules! I think it would be pretty cool to splurge on some super nice black leather loafers and wear those with cool high wasted pants and a white turtleneck or something. It would be so unexpected! I know heels are typically expected from women in a bus caj setting but I think that’s bullshit. Get some cool as men’s-style shoes!

      Culottes and cropped wider leg pants are another good opp, althought I’d prob wear those with heels. I would also maybe get an oversized blazer if you’re into that kinda of thing. That would dress up anything and would still feel sort of boyish and cool.

      How many times can I say cool?

      The whole 4-inch round-toe pumps with pencil skirt and fitted button down is fiiiiiine but so snoozeville if you’re trying to feel fly! At least, if you’re anything like me.

      Maybe I’ll do a post for this sometime with actual links!


      • Somehow it makes me feel so much more relaxed that everything you suggested was what I had in mind. Already bought the black leather loafers and unique fabric high waisted pants and it’s nice to hear someone reaffirm my thoughts.
        By the way, I’m trying to be cool (cool cool cool!) that you answered with such a long, helpful post, but trust me my insides are screaming. Thanks so much, I really appreciate it!


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