To crop a turtle

I’ve been in the business of turtlenecks for some time, but cropped ones are a subset worth acknowledging in their own right.

pants – j crew / cropped turtle – american apparel / shoes – everlane / bag – topshop (similar)

The cropped turtleneck tank first and foremost is a contradictory piece of clothing; style usurps utility full stop. I can’t think of a practical scenario that would call for covering the neck and not simultaneously the stomach and shoulders, but let’s be real, practicality is a blip on the sartorial ledger.

For me the cropped turtle is more of an emotional journey wherein I get to feel like a summer mermaid without the shell bra vulnerability.  Maybe neck constriction is the secret to emotional health? Ask Ruth Bader Ginsberg, she’s the ultimate neck-protector/celebrator.

Scarves, ascots, band collars, doilies? Queen.

The counter part to the cropped turtle is of course a high waist. The other day my coworker, who graciously brought me a cake on my birthday, told me he’d texted another coworker to ask what kind of cake I liked. Apparently she responded: “Is there anything with a cat or high-waisted pants on it?”

If this is all anyone knows me for, I live a #blessed life.

As we all know, high-waisted pants look great on nearly all beautiful lady bodies and work especially in harmony with a crop, allowing their wearer to show as much or as little skin as desired. I picked a wider leg because skinny jeans would have made me feel too much like Sandy at the end of Grease. If that’s your vibe though, I’m supportive.

I’ve gotten fairly attached to this J Crew pair over the past months. They’ve wormed their way into my new reality and no longer seem weird in the slightest. These are now Basic Pants.

Finally, the most redeeming quality of the cropped turtle, especially of the tank variety, is its undershirt-like ability to fit under any other item of clothing. Most can slot under anything from a thin t-shirt to a baggy sweatshirt. Very much like a dickey, which is a granny bonus.

A top layer can take a cropped turtle from cold to hot, work to drinks, day to night, family to friends, and other magazine cover subtitles. In other words you and your cropped turtle can be 2gether 4ever. <3

Here are a few if you’re looking for love.

5 thoughts on “To crop a turtle

  1. beautiful look and pictures!! cropped turtlenecks are actually funny when you think about them ;)
    Instagram: the_ch1ara


  2. I really really love those pants. If the American/Canadian exchange wasn’t so brutal for us right now, I’d definitely take the plunge and get them, although it would take me a while to gather up the courage to wear them in my particular city.
    I think I love turtlenecks solely for their layering capabilities. Whenever I wear them I can’t help but itch my entire neck, but I still wear them because STYLE right??
    It’d be great to see your “uniform” – the outfits you go back to the most, or your closet. Really I just want to look at all your pretty clothes…
    Please keep the posts coming! You’re quickly becoming my favorite blogger, and because of bug, the subject of my jealousy. That fluff! I want all of the fluff!


  3. Love the idea of wearing high waisted pants with a wider leg! I’ll be trying that out :)
    I really loved the post you made about your favorites from last fashion week! Will you be doing one for this nyfw?


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